World Champion 2003

„That was a year in which I had to battle for a long time with two opponents, Montoya and Räikkönen. Thinking back now, I think mainly about the race in Monza. The Italian Grand Prix was often a very important race for us, and we turned a title race around in our favor in 2003 as well. It was close, but just because of that it was especially nice afterwards. I can remember it like it was yesterday. First lap, second chicane, it was tight. But I finished the duel with Montoya in my favor. That was the starting point of the World Championship decision. The actual decision took place once again in Japan, I remember my stupidity with Sato there. I really thought I could pull away, I really messed things up there. And then playing catch up into that ominous eighth place. How hard a podium finish was all of a sudden… In the end, I also got confused battling against Ralf, I wasn’t really sure I had scored any points. It was all quite nerve-racking. I was hardly ever as agitated and confused after a race as after this one.“