World Champion 1995

„My second World Championship. That year the car I was driving was probably the  toughest I’ve ever driven. It was totally strange because the year before we had an incredibly good racing car. But then again we had also had an engine which was inferior to the competition’s by about 100 horsepower, which in 1995 was no longer the case. Obviously, we all thought we were making a giant step forward. Unfortunately we weren’t – the car turned out to be way too complicated. Every single race turned into a major undertaking. And as a result it turned out to be a very difficult year, even if it didn’t seem like it to outside observers. Still, I won nice races, which is actually a good amount. But thinking back, 1995 remains a pretty ambivalent season – because we also had some problmes within the team.“

During the season it became clear that Michael did not want to stay with Benetton. The choice between McLaren and Ferrari – in the summer there was even a brief option with Williams – and the decision was made for the venerable Italian team. The combination Michael Schumacher and Ferrari turned out to become the most successful alliance in the history of the sport.