World Champion 2004

In 2004 Ferrari almost managed a repeat of the 2002 dream season. Critics said Schumacher’s constant victories had turned Formula 1 boring. Others, however, maintained that, rather than boring, he had made the sport better. Michael Schumacher always pointed out with a grin that he had no objection to a series of successes. And thus the 2004 season remains for him a wonderful memory.

„Another dream year. Absolutely fanstastic too. All of our opponents were waiting a little to pounce too, expecting us to slump after 2003 because we had just barely won the World Championship. But they didn’t know us very well, the entire year was very good. For me personally it was wonderful that I was able to win the title in Spa of all places, even if it was a bit of a downer that I didn’t win the race. In the beginning, I found that a little sad, standing on the podium, I couldn’t completely share the guys‘ elation at first. A victory there would have been perfect. Winning the World Championship with a victory is the most beautiful thing you can imagine.“