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7 91


In homage to the unique career of the most successful race car driver of all times, a spectacular series of publications has been published. In two limited special editions internationally renowned photographer Michel Comte celebrates the man whose sporting legacy is likely to remain unequaled for all time.

With seven world championship titles and 91 Grand Prix victories, Michael Schumacher is in his own lifetime the iconic figure in his sport. His records have redefined the history of Formula 1. Even after his retirement, Schumacher has remained the personification of this sport that spans the globe. His name stands for perfection, success, motivation, quality, and team spirit.

Born 1954 in Zurich, Michel Comte is a member of a small, select group of internationally famous photographers. He established a reputation with his portraits of stars from the arts and entertainment scene, with his fashion magazine covers and with his photo reports while working for the International Red Cross. In Formula One, he is equally capable of producing shots in sharp focus as he is abstract, blurred and highly expressive images.

Looking back on this photographic collection, Comte sums up what he has tried to convey as follows: “I met a man who fascinated me, and not just because he was the fastest of them all. I got to know a fantastic team player, a man who injects tremendous energy and dedication into everything he does.” For more than 12 years, he followed Schumacher through his career with a camera and recorded images that convey not only the sheer brute speed of the race track but also the extraordinary intimacy of this private person.


7 91 Golden Edition

7 91 Golden Edition

The Golden Edition, designed with gold inside covers, is limited to 500 copies, numbered, and signed personally by Michael Schumacher.

The book includes 450 pages, of which about 400 are artful color and black-and-white photographs. The gilt-edged book comes also with a high-quality, stamped print by Michel Comte and an exclusive hand-made box. The text are by Schumacher’s long-time media consultant and manager, sports journalist Sabine Kehm, and in part by Michael himself. The descriptions are impressively up-close and personal. The book is available in German and Italian, and an English translation can be included at request. Price: € 791.

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7 91 Winner’s Collection

7 91 Winner’s Collection

This gilt-edged edition is limited to only 91 copies worldwide, each dedicated to one of Schumacher’s 91 Grand Prix victories.

Every book is therefore absolutely one of a kind. The Winner’s Collection Edition was published especially on the occasion of Michael Schumacher’s 40th birthday with Schumacher receiving the first copy. Every copy, personally signed and numbered by Schumacher, will include a handcrafted, stamped platinum print—an extremely painstaking print technique which nowadays only few have mastered and whose extreme depth and durability dazzle the eye. In addition this edition is augmented with the corresponding race course plan in stone print and Schumacher’s reminiscences of that race. The book is bound in the same Shedoni leather which the Ferrari Formula-1-departments uses for the steering wheel or driver seat and comes in a high quality box custom made by the Italian leather manufacturer. The books are available in German and Italian, and an English translation can be included upon request. Price upon request.

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Schumacher – The official, authorised inside story of the end to a career

Schumacher cover

By Michael Schumacher, Sabine Kehm und Michel Comte / Large format illustrated volume, 240 pages / Hardback with dust jacket / Süddeutsche Zeitung Edition / ISBN: 3-86615-403-8

To mark the end of one of the most successful sporting careers ever, only one book will be published that bears the personal stamp of the man himself – Michael Schumacher. The record-breaking Formula One champion tells readers all about his life and reflects on his career. This impressive biography has been put together by former sports columnist Sabine Kehm (Süddeutsche Zeitung and Die Welt) who spent many years working as media adviser and manager to Michael Schumacher. This handsome volume is illustrated with artistic and highly individual pictures taken by star photographer Michel Comte.
The book chronicles the life of an extraordinary sportsman and a great human being. Alongside the day-to-day work done with the incomparable Ferrari team, the book also reveals the many other sides to this family man and UNESCO special envoy. Not least, it provides detailed insight into Schumacher’s reasons for retiring from Formula One and draws a line under this remarkable sporting career.


Driving Force

Driving Force

By Michael Schumacher, Sabine Kehm und Michel Comte / Hardback edition, 192 Pages / Published by Steidl Verlag

Despite being world famous, Michael Schumacher has a lesser known side to his character. He has broken more records and notched up more victories than any other driver in the history of this sport. Although we may have his achievements on record, the human being behind the statistics remains a mystery.
Who is the man in the fire safety mask? This book analyses the formula for success and the work ethic of the seven-times Formula One World Champion; it also provides some unexpectedly intimate insights into the private life of Michael Schumacher, into his innermost thoughts and feelings.
The photos reveal far more than the focused champion and ice-cold tactician – they penetrate the protective facade of a sensitive individual.