A SLS AMG GT3 for Michael

The birthday edition for the 45th anniversary of AMG

A SLS AMG GT3 for Michael

Michael got himself a SLS AMG GT3 “45th ANNIVERSARY”. The collector’s item, built in a limited edition of just five vehicles, offers a fascinating and exceptionaldesign and was presented on the 45th anniversary of AMG. The seven time world champion received his own SLS AMG GT3 “45th ANNIVERSARY” at the Hockenheimring. As part of a personal start-up event, Michael got a detailed introduction to all technical specifications and operating elements of his race gullwing.

The Formula 1 record world champion: “This version of the SLS AMG GT3 involuntarily attracts one’s attention for a long moment – the basis version is very attractive already but the special edition even tops it: From the outside with an eye-catching paint finish, from the inside with race sports feeling. When I had seen and driven this car I just had to get one, in particular because the car is built in such a strictly limited edition. I had already tested the SLS AMG GT3 on a race track and after the first few rounds on the Hockenheimring I can only repeat myself: The race gullwing is lots of fun, can be driven without any problems and immediately reacts to setup changes. The exemplary safety level is absolutely convincing as well. I am not surprised about the fact that the GT3 of Mercedes-AMG has achieved such success and popularity on a worldwide scale. More than 110 victories since the beginning of the AMG Customer Sports Programme cannot be mistaken and are an impressive proof for the race track performance of the SLS AMG GT3.”

Collector’s item assembled by hand in Affalterbach
The SLS AMG GT3 “45th ANNIVERSARY” was presented on the 45th anniversary of AMG in 2012. The special edition that is limited to five units was assembled by hand in Affalterbach and has the potential to fascinate technically as well as optically. The body of the SLS AMG GT3 “45th ANNIVERSARY” gleams auspiciously in the new designo magno graphite matt paint finish. Another eye-catching feature is the striking “45 Years of Driving Performance” logo framed in silver on the gull-wing doors. The GT3 racing car also boasts a seat shell in a high-strength carbon-fibre safety cell on the co-driver’s side. A special badge with a “1 of 5” logo on the seats and the centre console alludes to the limited production run. The engineering under the bonnet is of a similarly exclusive standard. Racing driver Bernd Schneider is assisting the responsible AMG engine fitter in installing the naturally aspirated AMG 6.3-litre V8 engine. The special AMG engine badge bearing thesignatures of Bernd Schneider and the responsible engine fitter attest to this high-calibre duo’s handiwork.

Personal start-up event on the racetrack
All customers – private persons as well as race teams – who choose a SLS AMG GT3 get a detailed instruction to all technical specifications and operating elements of the gullwing car. This option is included in the purchase price and enables customers an individual vehicle setup with an included racetrack coaching.

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