Michael congratulates Sebastian Vettel

Enthusiasm after Sebastian’s fourth title: „It’s fun to watch him“

Michael congratulates Sebastian Vettel

Michael, which similarities do you see in the work of you and Sebastian?
Unfortunately I have never really worked with hm but we are very similar in our approaches and attitudes. But then Sebastian does the things the way he does them, and he is obviously very good in it. Potentially in earlier years he has looked closely to how I did the things but he in on his own level since long. It is fun watching him perform.”

Do you consider Sebastian amongst the greatest drivers of the sport?
“What a question! He is part of them not only since his fourth title. The way he drives, how strong he ist, how he transforms the work of his team into wins is just impressive. I am happy for him.”

How much in danger are your records now, and how do you cope with that?
“Records are in danger as a matter of principle. I have said this very often: records are there to be beaten. This is what is is about in sports. Why should that be different with my records? I quite like the idea that somebody can beat them who I know and like since many years. This is why I am pretty relaxed about it.”